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Alexander Rovt’s townhouse now comes with free Rolls Royce

Billionaire taps new team to market property on Upper East Side
By Katherine Clarke | March 12, 2014 09:53PM

Billionaire fertilizer tycoon Alexander Rovt’s opulent $25 million Upper East Side townhouse now comes with a Phantom Rolls Royce thrown in.

The property’s new listing brokers, Benjamin Benalloul, CEO and founder of Portman Realty, and Oren and Tal Alexander of Douglas Elliman, are ponying up the funds for the Phantom in an effort to generate interest in the 11,400-square-foot home, which has been on the market for a year.

It had previously been listed by Leslie J. Garfield & Co. and later the Corcoran Group.

The new brokers will list the property, at 232 East 63rd Street, tomorrow, Benalloul said, with an asking price of $25 million, a $3 million jump from its most recent asking price.

“We decided to go very out of the box with this one,” Benalloul said. “To diversify our marketing strategy and take advantage of the private garage that comes with the house, we will be throwing in a Rolls Royce Phantom into the purchase price at our own expense.”

Rovt, a Ukranian native, has owned the home since 2005, when he bought it from restaurateur Rocky Aoki for $4.6 million. He and his wife then demolished and rebuilt the townhouse from scratch.

The property features a subterranean spa floor with a swimming pool, a hot tub, a sauna and steam room, a penthouse entertainment area with a movie house cinema, and a rooftop garden.

Rovt is the majority owner of a commercial building at 14 Wall Street, a stake which he acquired for $303 million in 2012.

  • ye

    you probably mean “14” wall not 40

    • GueldaTRD

      I did, thanks!

  • David

    good luck with this one, Ben!

    • Secret Admirer

      I love you Ben!

  • benny blanco

    what a house!!!

  • jake

    so if someone wanted a Rolls why wouldn’t they just custom order it to their exact wants and specs? Maybe if it came with a free driver for a year that would be more interesting.

  • Nik

    Real elegant stuff, Ukrainians have taste.

  • realny

    its not a different strartegy it has been done by brokers befre many times, at leasr in Miami. But every broker knows when you usually add something like an expensive car than that means the worry button is on and they either do not have faith in the property price or they have not recieved any bites what so ever. You assume somehting is wrong.