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Balconies on this East Harlem building won’t go unnoticed

Rendering of HAP's 329 Pleasant Avenue reveals eye-catching color scheme
March 27, 2014 12:00PM

HAP Investment Developers revealed the proposed design for its color-coated eight-story building set for 329 Pleasant Avenue in East Harlem.

TPG Architecture is serving as the architect of record, while Karim Rashid is handling supplemental design, New York Yimby reported. The 15,255-square-foot property will have 20 apartments, blue and pink balconies and 640 square feet of commercial space including ground-floor retail.

The Department of Buildings approved part of the permits for construction in October.

HAP is also at work on a seven-story apartment complex at 4452 and 4454 Broadway in Washington Heights, as previously reported. [New York Yimby]Mark Maurer

  • bob dole

    that must be the ugliest rendering i have seen in a long time

    • terry hatcher

      are they giving them away for free?

      • Charlotte Friedman

        they are going to have to give it away or sell real cheep where someone can remove that ugly stuff, and enjoy the price.

  • I-Rock

    just in time for easter. interesting choice for Israeli developers

    • Charlotte Friedman

      Who is the developer?

      • Joe Manson

        Charlotte, are you a broker?

        • Charlotte Friedman

          Yes, but I don’t think the group entrusted has good taste.

          • Joe manson

            Charlotte I must say that you are not too intelligent. Instead of spending your precious time writing nice comments, you should be trying to work with HAP. These guys have 11 projects in Manhattan. Instead of trying to work with them and do something productive you are just writing comments.

          • Charlotte Friedman

            Should I lie to them, or should I be honest with them. I chose being honest with them. there is always time to fix things.
            this one needs a fix. I rather not stroke them.

          • Charlotte Friedman

            JOE the reason developers DO like me is they trust me.

          • Joe Manson

            U should have approached them with an idea to redesign it and tried to get the exclusive for the building. It’s easy to insult. Good luck working with them now.

          • Charlotte Friedman

            Keep stroking Joe, it does not work.

  • CloseYourEyesandBlow

    gene kaufman

    • Charlotte Friedman

      You mean that who is needed to save the project. LOL

  • common sense

    Please HAP ask around. This concept is awful.
    You will make so much more money if you do something different.
    Please please please do a focus group of potential buyers in Harlem….they will tell you your design is the worst.

    • Charlotte Friedman

      I hope they read here.

  • Shabba Ranks

    Cool design!

    • Charlotte Friedman

      maybe for the Caribbean??? big maybe…..

      • Charlotte Friedman

        Caribbean is very colorful and beautiful. This one is not very tasteful. just saying.

  • WannaBeLandlord

    Maybe the tenants of the William Beaver House will move here.

  • Charlotte Friedman

    Oh no…. can you just see it, clothing lines hanging, rugs getting beaten with a stick.
    that’s what it looks like to me…. CLEAN THAT UP make it one color and not an electric color.

  • Glenn Krasner

    Completely out of scale and out of character for the neighborhood. Look at the adjacent buildings! But, whoever said real estate developers had a conscience. Glenn in the Bronx, NY.

  • Charlotte Friedman

    If they are reading here they have enough time to change up the balcony facade.