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“Pole House” offers high-concept oceanfront architecture

The Australian house rents for $2,468 a week
April 06, 2014 09:00AM

A minimalist structure, known as “Pole House” offers luxury renters stunning views of the Australian coast.   

Originally designed in the 1970s by architect Frank Dixon, the building has since been rennovated by Franco Fiorentini of F2 Architecture, who added sleek interior finishes, like faucets that “have lights hidden in their mouths shining down along the bubbling paths of falling water” and a “bathroom pod clad in burnt ash panels” and “a suspended fireplace [that] hangs from its own chimney… essentially a fire burning in a cold sea” and floors made of “a dark stone the Medicis might have trod,” according to Curbed.

The house rents for $2,660AUS, or roughly $2,468 a week. [Curbed]Christopher Cameron