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Forest Hills residents cry fowl over chickens

Queens woman to fight for $2,500 personal coop
April 20, 2014 05:00PM

 A fight over chicken coop ownership rules has recently broken out in Queens.

Forest Hills resident Sylvia Saye made a $2,500 home for a dozen chickens in her backyard in order to feed her daughter free-range, hormone free eggs. According to Saye, her neighbors are now telling her that they want the chickens to go.

Her neighbors cite rules that forbid any “cattle yard, hog pen, fowl yard or house, cesspool, privy vault; nor any cattle, hogs or other live stock or live poultry.”

Mitchell Cohen, the president of the Forest Hills Gardens Corporation, said the regulations detailed in the homeowners’ covenant and restrictions are intended “to protect the whole community.”

Saye plans to fight the Forest Hills Gardens Corporation, which manages her neighborhood community, arguing that the rules the covenant are citing are 101 years old. [NYT] —TRD