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Landlords find way to view tenant blacklist

Tenants that are blacklisted will find it difficult to rent no matter their financial circumstances
May 08, 2014 04:50PM

Even if your credit score is immaculate and your income is through the roof, finding an apartment could be impossible if you’ve ever been on the wrong side of Housing Court.

Tenants who have been sued in Housing Court can be added to a “blacklist,” Which The Court sells to tenant screening companies, according to WNYC. The blacklist is then used by landlords and management companies to screen tenants.

Companies pay the court a $20,000 fee and $350 weekly to get daily updates.

“There are many reasons that tenants get sued in New York that have nothing to do with whether they are good tenants or not,” Fishman said. “In fact, a lot of the reasons have to do with whether they have a bad landlord or not.”

But landlords and brokers argue that the list helps them avoid renting to deadbeats.

“There are professional tenants out there who over the years go from building to building, apartment to apartment, and skip out on the rent,” Frank Ricci, director of government affairs at the Rent Stabilization Association, which represents landlords, told WNYC.

Since 2012, Housing Court has stopped selling names to screening companies – such as CoreLogic SafeRent and TransUnion Rental Screening Solutions — but they continue to Sell Index Numbers For Court cases. However, it is still possible to match index numbers to the tenants’ names. [WNYC]Christopher Cameron

  • If NYC would rewrite the ridiculous tenancy laws and make them more aligned with the rest of the country’s housing laws, there would be no need for blacklists– just like the rest of the country. When tenants can’t beat landlords and are evicted in 45 days or less there aren’t that many scammers who would want to continue moving every 1.5 months- especially when their first month’s rent and last month’s rent and security deposit would (mostly) cover that.

  • eat it like you’re a slumlord

    Menachem Stark – what do you call that? Intolerance? retaliation-free sadism?

    Nobody has a problem with what has been done to him and his family.

    it’s deeper than renting apartments and coop board approval – there are daily, weekly researchers at 100 Centre Street

  • slumlords slumlords slumlords

    isn’t there a public landlord list that we can’t get off of if we have ever had violations? You can’t get those violations wiped because you’re innocent rent regulated tenants create new issues that are blaringly illegal that will cost you their year’s rent to fix THEIR illegal installation properly and legally.

    Why don’t those tenants get to be on a list? They can’t be sued for ANYTHING.

    I think there are multiple blogs that carry those lists, right?

    I’m sure we are up there somewhere as murderers, criminal masterminds and slumlords who are greedy because we dare to rent to market tenants but are stupid and self destructive because we have a rent freeze, etc. It’s a real free for all when it comes to slamming slumlords.

    When those private homes with rentable basements become rent controlled units, the whole city is going to feel what slumlords go through.