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Pushback from allies could derail de Blasio plans to build higher

Latest critics of Mayor's ambitious plan: His own allies
May 16, 2014 05:13PM

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s ambitious affordable housing plans hinges on increasing the density of affordable units by way of taller buildings. But lack of support from local officials to build higher might hinder these plans.

Over the past few weeks, politicians and local residents have voiced dissent over a number of development projects that call for building tall, densely-fitted residential buildings.

In Cobble Hill, politicians opposed a proposal for Long Island College Hosptial that would be packaged with residential towers of up to 50 stories, while in Brooklyn Bridge Park, a proposal for residential towers that would contain affordable housing units within Brooklyn Bridge Park also drew vocal dissent from local officials and residents, Crain’s reported.

Many of those who oppose these plans are considered de Blasio’s allies, which draws concerns over whether de Blasio will be able to garner necessary support to bring his 10-year, $41 billion plan to fruition. [Crain’s]Sasha von Oldershausen