America’s most and least expensive rental markets

California cities top the list; greater New York metro area ranks seventh
By Business Insider | May 22, 2014 04:05PM

If you rent an apartment, you probably know the approximate monthly rate of properties in your area. But how about the cost per square foot?

Apartment Guide analyzed its data, taken from rental listings, and determined that the median price of an entry-level apartment or studio in the United States is $769. It then compared that number with square footage and prices from listings across major metro areas to find out where a renter can get the most space for his money.

Here are the findings, in an interactive map:

And here’s a list of the most expensive markets in the country, where your dollar buys you the fewest square feet:

To see the least expensive markets, where your rent can secure you the most space, check out Apartment Guide’s original post.