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Aby Rosen slams One57

RFR boss calls Extell tower an "atrocity"; has unkind words for author Tom Wolfe, as well
June 03, 2014 11:00AM

No New York institution is seemingly safe from the opinion of real estate mogul Aby Rosen. In an upcoming interview in Surface magazine’s Power 100 issue, the RFR Holding boss calls the city’s highest, most talked about residential tower One57 an “ugly monster” and an “atrocity.”

“If you see the one that Harry Macklowe is building at 432 Park Avenue, it’s of equal size, but far more nimble and elegant and timeless,” Rosen said of Extell’s building.

Rosen is no less forgiving about author and New Yorker Tom Wolfe in the interview, calling him a “buffoon.”

Wolfe, who lives on the Upper East Side, opposed Rosen’s 2008 plan to Develop 980 Madison Avenue, the location of Gagosian Gallery, into a Norman Foster tower.

“I don’t even think he’s a good writer,” Rosen went on, “but I’m not a literary critic.” [NYP] — Claire Moses

  • Aby is the Buffoon.. Snarky poofter

  • BigB22

    He happens to be right, about One57 (not Wolfe). 111 West 57th and 432 are going to be gorgeous iconic buildings, improving NYC’s skyline. The rest of the bunch are monstrosities, with One57 and the Nordstrom building the worst offenders.

    • Char4Dew

      So True

  • Dave

    Go Aby! Love that guy.

  • Musashi

    I love Aby, but now he’s proven how much huge Buffoon he can be. Seriously who give a shit about this article or what Aby has to say about those buildings? Noboooooooody….

    • Char4Dew

      does not make one a Buffoon.

      It’s the BS artists, the ones with chapped lips for kissing all
      day that are Buffoons.Plenty of that around.

  • Bob the Broker

    Aby just needs attention because his 530 Park Ave. is not selling with the low ceilings and to much price per sq. ft. brokers are laughing. wait until you see 300 E 64. Still looks like a rental. He cheaped out on the bathrooms and the rooms.

  • tom

    Well, hate to say this but Abby is right!!!
    One57 IS an “ugly monster” and an “atrocity.”
    How the heck did they approve such an ugly looking exterior of a building?
    Answers anyone?

    • Char4Dew

      Funny part is, he is getting a lot of money for ugly…LOL
      does not say much for the rich…LOL

  • .

    He is the man !! One57 really is atrocious and Park 432 is also a timeless building.100% agree with his statements

  • Char4Dew

    Aby Rosen. Not enough straight shooters like you. I love it. And you are so right .

  • ws

    Despite the certainty of these posters it can be very hard to predict what new designs will age well – but playing it safe with a retro look isn’t exactly courageous.

  • Sam E.

    So, Tom Wolfe doesn’t want a skyscraper built in his neighborhood and that makes him a buffoon?