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Pols and residents blast Brooklyn Bridge Park towers plan

Opposition says decade-old environmental review is out-of-sync with current neighborhood
June 06, 2014 03:40PM

A pair of planned residential towers at Brooklyn Bridge Park is facing opposition before it has even found a developer.

Residents and elected officials are asking the city to conduct a new environmental review for the 31 and 15-story towers set to rise above the riverside green space at Pier 6. They charge that the development plan relies on a review conducted a decade ago that fails to account for the realities on the ground today.

Opponents say the 430-unit development threatens to further burden schools and city services already strained by an influx of new residents, reports the Brooklyn Paper.

“In no way do the plans as they were generated account for this population,” Andrew Kern, a Brooklyn Heights resident said at a meeting of the park’s board of directors. “I’m hoping the board can really wrestle with these issues rather than kowtow to developers.”

The board resolved on Thursday to discuss a new environmental review in August, according to the Brooklyn Paper.

Some residents say the towers have no place in a park, but the development was conceived to fund the park in perpetuity. A number of politicians, including City Council members Brad Lander and Stephen Levin, have implored the city to find alternative financing.

The pols are unlikely to get support from Mayor Bill de Blasio, who is seeking to reserve 30 percent of the towers’ units for low-income New Yorkers as part of his push to create affordable housing. [Brooklyn Paper]Tom DiChristopher

  • Solovely

    Lets get an updated “Environmental Impact Statement” instead of the one from 2006! Using data from 2005 to build Pier 6 today, is a little bit like us planning today for the year 2024! What a miracle that would be! If only we were capable of such prescience! Life would be entirely different!

    Sign the petition! 1,800

  • “deDumbio”

    deBlasio likes to ruin other tax paying owners property values by bring in low income housing to a high income area. Bill is looking to find some affordable housing near you…

    • Solovely

      I think this is “workforce housing”? eligible individuals can be making over $100,000 per year? probably not that different income wise than people who bought some of the smaller apts. in the historic building that was already there.

      I think destroying green space at a tiny park (on 65 acres of land? not counting “water acres”) that has 60,000 visitors per weekend, that’s already 32% above the 2005 projections.. and growing.

      This spot a city jewel. That’s why the fight for the green space, for everyone.

      • “Billhood”

        Hey Bill, maybe Yoko & Babs would like to share some affordable housing in the Dakota?

        • MSNBC sux

          Bill’s bought and owned by the unions

          Crime + 13% ytd

  • MSNBC sux

    NIMBY morons