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West Village resident sues home makeover show

Actor claims "Clean House New York" destroyed wall, busted fixtures, stuck him with big tax bill
July 15, 2014 01:55PM

A West Village resident is suing a real estate reality TV show for $300,000 after the television crew allegedly left his apartment in shambles.

Paul McClure, 56, a struggling actor, offered up his pad at 19 Christopher Street for episode No. 5 — titled “West Village of Vintage” — of the Style Network’s “Clean House New York.” The episode of the short-lived program aired in November 2011.

Court papers also claim that the cleaning crew never arrived at McClure’s apartment. What did arrive, according to McClure: a $5,000 tax bill for “income” the show allegedly reported to the IRS in the form of new furnishings.

McClure further charges that the show’s makeover artists demolished an interior wall, left behind gouged walls and busted light fixtures, according to the lawsuit. McClure claims he also lost $4,500 of valuables. [NYP] — Claire Moses

  • NYC tenants get everything

    IF they really want to help NYers, they should get landlords to sign a will not sue release form and do a Collyers Brothers series so rent regulated nonresidents will stop taking out their guilt and dishonesty on their landlords and demanding that contractors use the FIRE ESCAPE to access leaking radiators

    NOBODY is interested in whether your palace of chic is actually a mountain of newspapers – just let the landlord in to do repairs.

    • free pass to scapegoat owners

      they should be sure to cart the mountain of stuff away themselvse though instead of inducing cleaners to QUIT because they had a rare bout of decluttering. Landlords are too old to haul your big pieces out – put it out on the street after 5 PM and make sure it does not end up littered all along the sidewalk and invite a hefty ticket from DOS.