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Rabbi Pinto’s wife said to have disappeared

Devorah Pinto reportedly went missing from medical facility in Argentina
August 08, 2014 11:00AM

Devorah Pinto, wife of embattled Rabbi Yosef Yoshiyahu Pinto, reportedly disappeared in Argentina.

According to several Israeli media outlets, the woman disappeared from a medical facility in Buenos Aires. Fears have been raised that she was kidnapped from the hospital.

The rabbi, who’s facing corruption charges in Israel after allegedly attempting to bribe senior police officer Ephraim Bracha, reportedly counts New York developers Haim Binstock, Stonehenge Partners’ Ofer Yardeni and the Sapir Organization’s Zina Sapir among his followers. Ben Zion Suky is a close aide.

Pinto was arrested after millions of dollars connected to his real estate investments disappeared. Bracha is now a commander on Israel’s National Fraud Squad.

In return, Pinto has claimed that he was the victim of extortion and was instructed to deliver the suitcase with cash to Bracha. [Israel National News] — Claire Moses 

  • Arman

    What does this article have to do anything with real estate?

  • Lugga

    This Rabbi Pinto has had more scandals than even his followers. He has bribed cops he consorts with the mafia – quite the holy man. He will make millions from this “kidnapping.”

  • Broker

    No need to waste anyone’s time, this has nothing to do with RE news.

    • MBA

      The Real Deal should be ashamed of it self. This article is full of lies and has absolutely NOTHING to do with real estate. FYI – the Rabbi was NEVER arrested. The lawsuit in Israel is going no where because it is completely false and you guys should find something more useful to do with your time than to just tarnish righteous people names!

  • Steve Frank

    Jew media covering bad Jew news! What!?

  • Ethan

    Why does the real deal jump at every opportunity to slander rabbi pinto? The articles are never real estate related. If there is a personal beef with the guy just come out and say it….