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As more bedrooms are added, rents rise in Brooklyn

Traditional two- or three-bedroom apartments are being converted to appeal to roommates
September 03, 2014 11:00AM

An increasing number of Brooklyn apartments are being converted into three- or four-bedrooms with the goal of raising rental rates.

In Clinton Hill, for example, the new owner of an Edwardian apartment building is renovating apartments after tenants vacate to add more bedrooms and take away from common space, according to Brownstoner. This is an ongoing trend in up and coming neighborhoods all over Brooklyn. Another example can be found at 415 Washington Avenue, where dining rooms with French doors are being turned into additional bedrooms.

A market rate unit there, according to Brownstoner, which was formerly $2,925 a month is now charging between $4,500 and $5,000.

The landlords aim to attract roommates rather than families with the addition of these bedrooms. In some cases, bathrooms are also added. [Brownstoner] — Claire Moses

  • knifecatcher

    Extra bedroom in apartment = 2 years free rent….
    10,000 for Occupancy Contrary to C of O: If you have an illegally divided rental, call DOB and let them in. The owner will get a Occupancy Contrary violation and you can start living for free until they evict you. Landlords – don’t be a lowlife and subdivide. Just ask the firefighters killed in the Bronx a few years ago.
    MDL – No windows = no bedroom. Living room must have 150sf min and 10%windows.
    -If you want affordable housing in NYC, sell off the housing projects and block illegal immigration. Law says nobody gets benefits unless they are a citizen. Welcome legal immigrants, not colonists.