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De Blasio aide’s home hit with $28K federal lien

Rachel Noerdlinger, recently tied to controversy over boyfriend, working on monthly payment plan
October 02, 2014 06:00PM

The home of Rachel Noerdlinger — an aide to Mayor Bill de Blasio who has recently come under fire for her boyfriend being a convicted killer and her controversial public comments about police — was hit with a $28,190 federal tax lien.

The Internal Revenue Service placed the lien on her house in Edgwater, N.J. in 2011 because she failed to pay a tax debt on time. Noerdlinger, who is chief of staff to First Lady Chirlaine McCray, has been working out a monthly payment plan, the New York Observer reported.

“Rachel has worked with the relevant agencies to create a plan that will resolve these outstanding items, and we have no doubt she will do so,” Phil Walzak, spokesperson for de Blasio, told the Observer.

Noerdlinger earns $170,000 per year as an aide. A DNAinfo report last week found that Noerdlinger’s boyfriend was convicted of fatally shooting a teenager when he was a teen. [NYO]Mark Maurer

  • anny

    what the f? the major and his wife are totally clueless. Hiring losers like this. Would like to orchestrate a protest at city hall by rationale people looking to bring to light how stupid and incompetent and totally unable to lead the city this major truly is. Anyone with me?

    • budlight

      I’m down! ill pick up the beer!

  • no-permits

    deblasio is a moron.

    • Marc

      No. Just a communist.

  • criminal

    she’s trash

  • ChrisJ.

    How could we have voted for this idiot? Are voters really this stupid? They want their tax dollars going to racists and their murderer live-in “baby daddies”?

    And how does a high-ranking city official live in NJ? That doesn’t make any sense. Leadership is usually required to live in city limits within 60 days of taking the position. Is this another DeBlasio “exception” for his cronies? Then again, I’m not sure that NYC would want this “lady” and her upstanding boyfriend.

    • Marc

      You’re making sense. That will get you nowhere is this world.