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20-acre North Brother Island could be redeveloped as park

“You don’t need to invest $100 million" to open abandoned Bronx site, Council member says
October 16, 2014 06:00PM

Three City Council members have proposed redeveloping the 20-acre, abandoned North Brother Island in the Bronx as a massive public park.

Mark Levine, the parks committee chair, was among the Council members to tour the island along the East River yesterday. Levine said building a park would not require an immediate, sizable financial investment.

“You don’t need to invest $100 million to open it to the public,” Levine told the New York Times. “You build a pier there and do it bit by bit.”

Council member Fernando Cabrera suggested developing the land into “something different,” like a Disneyland, the newspaper reported.

The island was uninhabited for more than 50 years and accessible only via boat and permission to access it is rarely granted by the Parks Department. [NYT]Mark Maurer

  • Marc

    Govt bureaucrats always have lots of ideas for spending taxpayers hard earned cash

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