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Mayor rents out Park Slope home after 12 days on the market

New tenants to pay asking price of $4,975 a month
October 16, 2014 04:20PM

The “oasis in Park Slope” has been rented out. Mayor Bill de Blasio and his wife Chirlane McCray have found someone to live in their Park Slope home while they’re in Gracie Mansion.

According to the Wall Street Journal, New York’s First Couple rented out their house to the first people who looked at it. The rent for the home, which was on the market for 12 days, is $4,975 a month.

The house hit the market earlier this month. The three-bedroom property — with the option to convert to four bedrooms — also includes big custom closets, a marble mantle and high ceilings on the parlor floor.

The new tenants, who are expected to move in next month, signed a one-year lease. They already live in the neighborhood, according to the newspaper, but they’re looking for more space and a backyard.

The mayor and his family moved into Gracie Mansion over the summer. [WSJ] — Claire Moses

  • WhoWillRobDurstPissOnNext?

    Do the new tenants have section 8 ?

  • CatherineGruittaca

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  • Justtobeclear

    I don’t understand why the local media is ignoring the fact that this mayor who thinks that other landlords should keeps rents low and affordable is now renting his own apartment MARKET RATE! After all, how can a family of 4 making 40k per year afford to rent this? I assumed he would turn his townhouse into a homeless shelter or section 8 house. Perhaps turn the property over to NYCHA?

    • StraightDownTheMiddle

      Why would you ever assume that the the very living, walking, breathing embodiment of hypocrisy would practice what he preaches. Billie D is scum. I have no problem with him renting it for as much as he can get, but he should not be telling others they are not allowed to do the same or call them greedy for wanting to. I hope his new tenants stop paying rent and trash the place, and that he has to spend the next year in housing court trying to get his property back.

  • 1termmayor

    phony mayor. what happen to renting to rent stabilized tenant. what does he say to that now…

  • Marc

    What has happened to this country?

  • Art

    Priced right for park slope market and the first person-couple with a child saw it and signed a lease second day on the market not 12 days…boom-done!
    Why are we discussing section 8 or rent stabilized?
    This rental listing has nothing to do with if a family only making $40k a year obviously can’t afford and would not qualify using the ratio 40x the years rent!
    Rent what you can afford in said hood. That’s all!
    If not, move to S.I. or NJ cheaper.