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Denise Rich: I didn’t buy Central Park South co-op

Socialite/songwriter -- who renounced US citizenship -- says her boyfriend purchased $12M unit
October 24, 2014 02:00PM

It ain’t easy being Rich.

Socialite and songwriter Denise Rich is actively denying she purchased a $12 million apartment at 230 Central Park South. Society sources, however, are claiming otherwise, according to the New York Post.

Rich, 70, said instead that her boyfriend Peter Cervinka is the purchaser of unit.

If the rumors are to be believed, Rich bought the unit under a limited liability corporation. Rich then allegedly convinced the co-op board to allow the sale after setting up a bank account with enough money available to cover maintenance costs, according to the newspaper.

The Grammy nominee renounced her American citizenship in 2012 for tax purposes.

In a record-breaking deal, Rich sold her Fifth Avenue co-op to David Geffen for $54 million in 2012. [NYP] — Claire Moses

  • Schniedermandosomething

    This is absurd. Her former husband was a tax cheat. She renounces her citizenship clearly to avoid taxes. And she then uses a shell to buy property here again? If she wasn’t Clinton’s mistress she wouldn’t have gotten away with it. Disgusting person and family, no better than Madoff.

    • Marc

      Why lump her ex husband into this? If most were in her position I think they would have a hard time not using a perfectly legal option. Certainly you can find something better to do than spew your anger at a women you have found to be guilty by association. BTW I’m very much not a fan of her or the man who renamed the oval office the “oral orafice”.