The Real Deal New York

NYC residential firms with all the perks

TRD’s survey of standout NYC brokerages, including young firms trying to lure talent
By E.B. Solomont | November 06, 2014 11:00AM

From the November issue: In New York’s hyper-competitive real estate world, jumping from brokerage to brokerage is a blood sport for agents. And to attract top brokers, firms are known to offer huge signing bonuses, high commission splits and a bevy of perks. Even for the average agent, benefits can range from insurance coverage to car service to use of the company’s American Express black card. The Real Deal surveyed brokers across the city to identify stand-out amenities at firms both big and small. Several large firms declined to participate, but we reached out to individual brokers to get the scoop on what their firms offer. [more]

  • Anonymous

    Platinum Properties agents “treated” to a trip to Dubai? Complete bull****. Maybe it was one of their top agent bonuses but agents were by no means treated and was not a perk. Please get your research straight. Starting to doubt the integrity and/or competency of this publication.

  • Shane Spell

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