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Astoria Cove developers: We’ll hire union workers

Alma Reality overcomes big sticking point in winning approval for project
November 11, 2014 08:30AM

The developers behind the planned 2.2 million-square-foot Astoria Cove complex in Queens struck a tentative agreement with the city council to use union labor on the massive project.

The developers — a group lead by Alma Realty — indicated it planned to hire workers from the Building & Construction Trades Council of Greater New York to construct the complex on the Queens waterfront, according to Capital New York. It’s still unclear if the developer will hire union workers for the maintenance jobs once the project is completed.

Developer John Mavroudis, who cannot move forward with the project without the city council’s approval, said during a city council hearing that he submitted a letter of intent to use union labor, according to the website.

The city council’s land use committee will vote on the project on Wednesday. The full council will cast its vote at the end of the month.

While the project was approved by the city’s planning commission, some elected officials  — such as local councilman Costa Constantinides and speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito — have said they want to see more affordable housing units incorporated in the plan before they will approve it. Astoria Cove would be the first project built under the mayor’s mandatory inclusionary zoning program. [Capital NY] — Claire Moses

  • New Man

    We arrive at the crux of the matter….
    (The affordable housing fig leaf was wearing thin…)
    Affordable housing recipients don’t deliver bloc votes.
    But unions do.

    • Marc

      Unions also destroy “affordability”

  • no

    how are they suppose to deliver affordable housing units when the developers now have to pay these union workers $60+ an hour to stand around do nothing except take 6 coffee breaks a day???

    • shutitdown

      you know how….they will use the cheapest materials possible and cut corners on quality. That is the Alma way.

      The union wages will destroy this project, and most likely there will be a huge site with unfinished buildings plaguing the waterfront.

      horrible location to begin with

  • Al

    No what would you know about Union workers you probably are a scab contractor who hire undocumented immigrants pay them cash and exploit them. Union workers are highly skilled and deserve to make a livable wage. And pay taxes. Without unions you would not have improved working conditions, 40 hour work week and the middle class.