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Editor’s note: Which direction does the Compass point?

By Stuart Elliott | December 01, 2014 05:40PM

From the December issue: These days, every conversation about real estate seems to wind up on the same topic: “What do you make of Urban Compass? I don’t get the whole thing. What’s the business model there?” The brokerage startup has famously raised more than $70 million, with investors including New York real estate names like Bill Rudin and Jared Kushner. It’s now valued at $360 million. It has lured big brokers, including Leonard Steinberg and most recently, Brown Harris Stevens’ Kyle Blackmon. [more]


    Urban Compass has that new car smell and look, freash, exciting, flexable, seems open, not repressive. Run by a new breed of agents with maxium real estate technical skills with hands on control of their companys direction.

    Sounds like we have a winner!

  • James

    Wow, what a masterpiece of journalism – ‘UC might go up, they might go down, then again, who knows?’ There is absolutely no substance here. Add to that a string of glowing troll-ish comments section post about how UC is taking over the real estate market. Evidence guys?

    Has the RD editor, or the non-UC employees posting comments here even been to an UC office or seen first hand an example of the supposed tech wizardry here?

    It’s been over a year that bloggers have been hyping this company and from what I can see the sky hasn’t fallen on the NYC brokerage world. Unless you have something tangible to report, please spare the readership from more fluff about UC.

    • “No Brainer”

      One does not need PHD in real estate to see that UC is headed straight up, full speed ahead, with or without James.

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex

    As with other tech companies that eventually went public, UC seems to be offering an opportunity to cash out with a pile of money while one is still young. This is in sharp contrast to the standard business model of the “old school” brokerages in which brokers are stuck doing the same thing year after year with no lump sum awaiting at the end of the rainbow.

  • anon broker

    Why is the Real Deal giving UC so much attention month to month in their publication? Are they paying for all of this? No other RE firm garners the amount of attention lately. Cmon RD…UC really after 2 years they still are suffering an identity crisis as anyone in the luxury sector has no idea of who they are or what they are doing?