Carl Weisbrod promises “thoughtful” capital spending in developing nabes

Residential development will be "coordinated" to ensure infrastructure isn't strained
December 12, 2014 02:35PM

City Planning Commissioner Carl Weisbrod is promising that the city’s capital spending will be more thoughtful and coordinated than under the previous administration.

He also promised that neighborhoods will grow rationally, according to Crain’s. The Bill de Blasio administration is currently reviewing capital budget requests from the different city agencies and are being evaluated on “equity, growth, resiliency, sustainability and geographic coordination,” according to the commissioner as cited by the website.

City planners are hoping to encourage population growth in underutilized areas that are near mass transit, the website reported. Capital improvements and residential development will be coordinated to make sure schools, open space and sewers aren’t strained.

The capital budget requests will be subject to public hearings before a final vote in April.

“We want to make them meaningful,” Weisbrod said about the budget proposals, “They have been seen as irrelevant until now.” [Crain’s] — Claire Moses