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Inside a secretive billionaire’s Manhattan penthouse

The apartment floats 90 stories above Midtown
By Business Insider | December 13, 2014 10:00AM

This ultra-luxurious penthouse in Manhattan is the home of an extremely private billionaire. So private, in fact, we can’t even tell you his name.

But we can show you inside the 18,000-square-foot apartment, located a whopping 90 stories in the air with 360 degree views of New York City. It was recently redesigned by ODA Architecture, and the pictures are incredible.

The luxurious penthouse contains nearly every amenity you can think of, including a sculpture garden with a 30-foot water wall and reflection pool, a game room, a day spa, and a recording studio, according to ODA.

The penthouse’s extensive renovations reportedly took ODA four years to complete.

Welcome to the elegant ODA penthouse, located in Manhattan’s Midtown East neighborhood.

The high ceilings in the living room make the area feel extra spacious.

And thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows, the penthouse feels airy.

If you’re hosting a group of guests, this is the perfect spot for dinner. The table can seat 16 people.

The cooking possibilities are endless in this massive Italian kitchen.

This listening room also contains a recording studio.

Located 90 stories above Manhattan, this penthouse offers views of the city and beyond.

  • Bro

    Stevie to his friends.

  • john

    Hmm, this reminds me of a reality show I think I saw about constructing a music room for a billionaire and using specialist sound directing features in the room to focus the sound waves to the chair. Pretty sure this was the same one. Cant remember the name of it though :(

  • Roger

    90 stories in Midtown East? Must be Trump World Tower

  • shhhh

    The owner is a guy at blackstone…..