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From the archives: Surf’s up for Swig

By Adam Piore | January 03, 2015 01:00PM

With his California charisma, beaded bracelets and dapper disposition, Kent Swig is clearly a new kind of mogul. As he gets excited, he waves his arms over his paper-strewn desk, creating a blur of purple shirt sleeves, soccer ball cufflinks, and surfer bracelets. Raising his eyebrows, his voice accelerates with each new sentence.

“It’s that one second,” he says. “It’s absolutely perfect. You’re timing it. You can just feel it. Then when you hit it, it’s just incredible!” Swig is talking about surfing — that sublime instant when a surfer paddles into a wave and gets ready to drop in — but the 46-year-old blond with the sunburned face might just as well be talking about his real estate deals. Click here to read the full story from our December 2007 issue.