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Day in the Life of: Eran Polack

HAP Investment CEO talks about his daughter's takedown of his colorful projects, checking out potential development sites and boxing for fun
By Mark Maurer | January 12, 2015 04:30PM

From the January issue: Eran Polack is CEO and co-founder of HAP Investment Developers, best known for its collaborations with architect/designer Karim Rashid in northern Manhattan. Polack, 41, launched HAP in the 1990s with investments in Kiev, Budapest, Hungary, and later Tel Aviv.

The firm expanded in 2010 to New York City. Last year, Polack moved his family to New York from Israel. HAP specializes in mid-sized commercial and residential projects — four of which are now under construction in New York. In October, Polack agreed to tone down Rashid’s design of an eight-story rental building at 329 Pleasant Avenue, where planned pink and turquoise balconies were met with criticism. Meanwhile, HAP is also at work on a $400 million residential tower in Jersey City, slated to rise 42 stories. [more]