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Transformers: Simple tricks for sprucing up your home

From A to Z, simple steps to declutter your NYC pad and start the new year fresh
By Lucia De Stefani | January 18, 2015 09:27AM

From Luxury Listings NYC: No matter how tidy and luxurious your Manhattan apartment may be, chances are your bedroom closet harbors a tangle of sweaters, and then there’s that mushrooming collection of old phones hidden in a cupboard. It’s a new year now — it’s time for a fresh start. From corralling beauty products on a lavish silver tray to storing cocktail party attire in a “virtual closet,” here’s an A to Z list of good practices to sweep away the superfluous and transform your home into a genuine retreat from the busyness of the Big Apple. It’s 2015: Happy neat year! [more]