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Brooklyn Bridge Park Corp. mulls adding affordable units

Opponents filed lawsuit in July to block new housing
January 27, 2015 11:12AM

The Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation is considering altering the official park plan to allow for the construction of affordable housing.

The city-controlled entity noted the possible revision to the project in papers filed with the New York state Supreme Court last month. The idea of  adding affordable units came in response to opponents alleging that Mayor Bill de Blasio’s affordable housing proposal violates the official plan, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The plan for the 1.7-mile park includes five commercial sites. Four of the sites would have to include market-rate housing in the future. Pier 6, the fifth site, would contain below-market-rate housing.

The corporation board is expected to select a developer – as soon as Feb. 26 — to construct up to 430 apartments in two properties near the southern end of the park. Lawyers for the corporation requested that the opponents’ lawsuit be dismissed, arguing it was filed before the corporation took any official action, the Journal said. [WSJ]Mark Maurer

  • Edward Johnson

    It is absurd housing policy to take some of the most valuable land in the world and give it to people who can afford it. Affordable housing is important. We need more of it, but we have limited resources. We could build 5x more of it somewhere else for the same price. So please do that instead… more of it somewhere else.

    • native new yorker

      We now live in deBlasio’s paradise. And you the ‘affordable’ tenants will be impossible to evict even if they trash the place.