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In fight for rent regulation, mayor could be caught in the middle

Bill de Blasio hasn't yet released its entire housing agenda, but said it will be ready "shortly"
February 09, 2015 09:00AM

As Mayor Bill de Blasio embarks on his mission to create and preserve affordable housing and fight for stronger rent regulation laws, he could find himself caught between tenant advocates and the real estate industry.

Tenant advocates are supporting de Blasio’s proposals to create more housing, which he laid out last week during his second State of the City address. But, in order to make his plans happen, the mayor will have to work together with powerful players in the real estate industry, who have fought to weaken some of the rent regulation laws, according to Capital New York.

“Albany cannot wait, we need help right now,” the mayor said during his address. “And we need stronger rent regulations that reflect today’s New York.”

De Blasio’s hasn’t yet released his exact plans to reform the rent regulation laws, which are set to expire in June. Those will be released when City Hall makes public its entire affordable housing agenda which will need state approval, a city spokesperson told the website. The mayor told the website last week that a detailed state housing agenda would be ready “shortly.” [Capital New York] — Claire Moses