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Lawmakers allegedly using taxpayer funds on mortgages

Senators and Assembly members are accused of abusing their per diem payments
March 08, 2015 11:11AM

New York State lawmakers are allegedly using taxpayers’ money to pay off their Albany homes.

Legislators who own homes were found to be putting their “per diem” payments – a $172 a day reimbursement when they’re in session – toward their mortgages.

The New York Post found six senators and two Assembly members with Albany-area properties who were using the “per diem” payments on real estate. The biggest offender, according to the Post, was Assemblyman Herman Farrell Jr., a Harlem Democrat who collected $21,632 in per-diem payments in 2014. He owns a $147,000 townhouse near the Assembly chamber.

However, the Post found that nothing prevents property owners from collecting the per diem money, as no receipts are required. [NYP]Christopher Cameron

  • Peoples Social Security…

    Probably using the peoples retirement funds (social security) to fund their homes and re-election campaigns. Also there would be plenty of social security funds if the politicians would stop steal our money from us!