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Lawmakers allegedly using taxpayer funds on mortgages

Senators and Assembly members are accused of abusing their per diem payments

New York State lawmakers are allegedly using taxpayers’ money to pay off their Albany homes.

Legislators who own homes were found to be putting their “per diem” payments – a $172 a day reimbursement when they’re in session – toward their mortgages.

The New York Post found six senators and two Assembly members with Albany-area properties who were using the “per diem” payments on real estate. The biggest offender, according to the Post, was Assemblyman Herman Farrell Jr., a Harlem Democrat who collected $21,632 in per-diem payments in 2014. He owns a $147,000 townhouse near the Assembly chamber.

However, the Post found that nothing prevents property owners from collecting the per diem money, as no receipts are required. [NYP]Christopher Cameron

  • Peoples Social Security…

    Probably using the peoples retirement funds (social security) to fund their homes and re-election campaigns. Also there would be plenty of social security funds if the politicians would stop steal our money from us!