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New venture to target Empire State Building’s ex-investors

Ned Cohen plans to raise tens of millions
March 11, 2015 04:55PM

Former Malkin Securities executive Ned Cohen is launching a new venture that will target former Empire State Building investors who still want to park their money in real estate.

Cohen, a former Malkin Securities executive who has many relationships with people who invested in the Empire State Building before it went public, plans to leverage those relationships to raise tens of millions for NHCohen Partners.

The venture will invest in buildings worth up to $100 million including, among other types, rentals, student housing, and industrial space, according to Crain’s.

Malkin Securities formerly raised money from individual investors and channeled it into large office properties including the Empire State Building, but the portfolio went public in 2013 and is now REIT Empire State Realty Trust.

The REIT faced several lawsuits from former stakeholders after its IPO. [Crain’s] — Tess Hofmann