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Robert Durst: “Killed them all, of course”

Spoiler Alert:Durst confronted about explosive new findings during finale of "The Jinx"
By Hiten Samtani | March 15, 2015 08:45PM

UPDATED, 2:20 a.m., March 16: After simmering for more than three decades of investigations, conspiracy theories, false identities, legal gymnastics and a devil-may-care attitude to being a scion of one of America’s mightiest real estate families, Robert Durst’s goose may finally be cooked. As the explosive series finale of “The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst,” winds to a close, Durst can be heard muttering: “There it is. You’re caught.”

Durst utters the potentially incriminating words after he’s confronted by series creator Andrew Jarecki about the letter that was sent to police shortly after his friend Susan Berman’s death. The letter informs police about a “cadaver” in Beverly Hills, and in it, the words “Beverly Hills” were misspelled as “Beverley Hills”- the same mistake that was made in a letter Durst sent Susan Berman years earlier.

Jarecki shows Durst the letters and asks Durst if he wrote them both. Durst maintains he wrote the initial letter to Berman, but categorically denies writing the letter to the police. The interview then ends and Durst goes to the bathroom. His microphone is still live, however, and sounding rather distressed, he mutters the following:

“There it is, you’re caught.”
“You’re right of course.”
“But, you can’t imagine.”
“Arrest him.”
“I don’t know whats in the house.”
“Oh, I want this.”
“What a disaster.”
“He was right. I was wrong”
“And the burping.”
“I’m having difficulty with the question.”
“What the hell did I do?”
“Killed them all, of course.”

Durst was arrested Saturday night in New Orleans on murder charges related to Berman’s death. In a statement Sunday, representatives for HBO said: “We simply cannot say enough about the brilliant job that Andrew Jarecki and Marc Smerling did in producing The Jinx. Years in the making, their thorough research and dogged reporting reignited interest in Robert Durst’s story with the public and law enforcement.”

Durst was acquitted on charges of murdering Morris Black in Texas, though he admitted that he “did dismember him.” He was never arrested in connection with the disappearance of his wife Kathleen Durst in 1982, and until Saturday, was never arrested in connection with Berman’s death.

Douglas Durst, chairman of the Durst Organization and brother to Robert, said in a statement after the arrest that the Durst family “is relieved and also grateful to everyone who assisted in the arrest of Robert Durst. We hope he will finally be held accountable for all he has done.”

  • j

    incredible documentary… will charges finally stick?

  • New Man

    Lessons we can learn;

    1: Don’t talk to yourself in the bathroom.

    2: Don’t talk to yourself in the bathroom with a mic on.

    3: Don’t talk to yourself in the bathroom with a mic on, and confess to murder.

    And also:

    4: Don’t murder people.

  • Sajh

    But which personality in his head is guilty of the crime?

  • D. K.

    Thank you, first of all, for printing the entirety of what Robert Durst apparently muttered to himself, alone in the bathroom, moments after completing his second taped interview with Andrew Jarecki! It provides the necessary context for an exegesis of Mr. Durst’s supposed “confession”– which, admittedly, was quite a jaw-dropping climax to a fascinating series. Having now watched each of the six chapters several times, including the finale, and mulling over what that arresting climax might or might not have evinced, in the strange mind of the aging Robert Durst, let me point out just a couple of things. First, the concluding comment, which is being heralded in the mass media as an iron-clad confession to three pre-meditated murders, strikes me as anything-but! After listening to it many times, it strikes me, both in tone and in context, as merely being Robert Durst’s

  • ecall

    Is his name Durst or Gollum?