Forest City to realign out-of-whack Pacific Park modules

Construction on B2 tower has been stalled since Skanska dispute
March 17, 2015 10:25AM

Forest City Ratner announced yesterday that it will restart construction on the Pacific Park tower that stalled following its dispute with contractor Skanska, including resetting some modules that have become misaligned.

In a statement yesterday, the developer said that plans for the 32-story tower B2 include “re-aligning modules in plan [sic; surely: plane] and elevation using bolt on adjustment plates and/or possibly lifting some modules with the crane and re-setting,” according to Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Report. Half of the tower’s 363 units are slated to be affordable.

Construction on the tower has been stalled at 10 stories since August when the Forest City and Skanska fired off twin lawsuits, with Skanska saying that Forest City’s plans were flawed and Forest City saying that Skanska failed in its execution. Forest City agreed in November to buy Skanska out of its stake in a modular company that was producing the prefabricated units for construction at Pacific Park.

Since then, residents have noted that some of the modules appear to be misaligned. While Forest City had touted its choice to use modular construction as a time and money saver, the project could now take up to four years, rather than the two years that were forecasted. [Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Report] — Tess Hofmann