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Weisbrod: Affordable housing solution will include the ‘burbs

City Planning chairman says De Blasio’s goal of 200,000 units won’t suffice
March 18, 2015 10:00AM

City Planning Commission chairman Carl Weisbrod admitted yesterday that Mayor Bill de Blasio’s goal of creating and preserving 200,000 units of affordable housing over the next decade won’t solve the affordable housing crisis. To make a real impact, he said, policymakers will have to look toward the suburbs.

“For all our efforts, even as we hit—even if we hit all our targets—we won’t fully solve the housing crisis in the next decade unless there is a radical change in federal housing policy—sadly, an unlikely occurrence,” Weisbrod said during a Crain’s New York Business forum, according to Capital New York. “So what else can we be doing? For one thing, we should be looking more broadly at the at the metro region.”

Weisbrod said that while the number of commuters coming into the city each day is growing, the number of people commuting to jobs outside of the city is also growing, necessitating a strategy that considers the entire region, including producing more apartments outside the five boroughs and improving transit.

Earlier this month, a spokesperson for de Blasio scoffed at the idea of prioritizing the suburbs, saying “the notion that the mayor of New York City would encourage residents to leave for the suburbs is bad public policy and bad urban planning.”

Steven Spinola, president of the Real Estate Board of New York, said that he doesn’t expect construction in the suburbs to be a major part of solving the affordable housing crisis, due to pushback from area residents and transportation costs, among other things.

De Blasio’s administration has been mulling rezonings that would require affordable housing as part of all new development in certain areas. Last year, the city beat its goals for newly built or preserved affordable units. [Capital NY] — Tess Hofmann


  • Crian Bashman

    Spinola supports NIMBYs where he lives, bot loathes it where he makes his fortune….Shocker. TOD development in all the suburban towns with train access would be beneficial to NYC metro area residents while also benefiting the local economies.

    • Dick Brown

      It cost more to take the train then drive in westchester

  • never!!!!

    if anyone builds a fucking affordable housing project in/next to my upscale town in westchester where i pay 35,000 a year in property taxes, i will blow that shit up the days in DONE!!! I moved to westchester to get away from the low life thugs that live in the boroughs!

    • Marc

      If that happens I would be tempted to help you do that but only if the “affordable” housing was in any way created or encouraged by government.
      Free markets, Free markets, Free markets. When will Liberals and their moronic minions learn that they can only make things worse?
      Free markets bring on the best resolution to problems by a wide margin.

    • noclist

      A few sticks of dynamite strategically placed in the incinerator shaft should do the job nicely.

    • comment flagged

      Send me your address. I’ll see what I can do. How big does zoning allow us to build on the property adjacent to yours?

  • Lordyuyu

    government should not plan how cities develop – its the reason we have a ghetto-fication of certain areas of the city. a city needs to grow organically

  • Charles Dale

    Just build around 2 million apts. that rent for $500 a month, gas and electric included that have new bathrooms, kitchens, electrical, plumbing, good roofs, good windows, good boilers all made out of good quality materials and built by people who do a good jog building it and now we are talking, :) lol.

    • comment flagged

      That would be great. I know a few developers that would do a good jog.

      • Charles Dale

        Great. Call them up. We have apts. to build.