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Billionaire Bill Koch relists home for $100M

The mansion is Aspen’s priciest listing
March 21, 2015 05:00PM

Billionaire William Koch has relisted the Elk Mountain Lodge in Aspen, and he’s upped the price to $100 million.

The property, located just 10 miles from downtown Aspen, is the resort town’s most expensive listing. Koch paid just $26.5 million for the lodge in 2007. In June 2014, he put it on the market for $89.9 million, according to Curbed,

Listing agent Craig Morris of Aspen Snowmass Sotheby’s told Curbed that the current price includes not only the 55-acre lodge, but also “three other parcels, together worth substantially more than the $11 million price increase.”

Altogether, the four parcels total 82.6 acres. The home features 28 bedrooms, 30 bathrooms and a full-size Indoor Basketball Court. [Curbed]Christopher Cameron

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