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De Blasio calls on landlords to house homeless

Landlords who honor the mayor's request will receive $1,000 plus funds to pay the family’s rent
March 22, 2015 03:00PM

Mayor Bill de Blasio is making robocalls to New York City landlords asking them to house homeless families from the shelter system.

In the 45-second taped call, the mayor says that landlords who take him up on his offer will receive a $1,000 signing bonus in addition to the city funds that will pay the family’s rent, according to the New York Daily News.

The money for participating landlords is being distributed through the city’s new Living in Communities Rental Assistance program, which aims to move families out of the strained shelter system and into homes.

Many of the families who qualify for the program have full-time jobs, but still can’t afford the costs of moving and rent. Others in the program are escaping from domestic violence or have other special needs that have left them struggling.

The families are expected to contribute 30% of their income to rent. The amount of assistance from the city depends on the family size and can range from $1,268 for a family of two to $2,530 for a family of 10.

The robocalls come at a time when the city’s homeless shelters are housing about 60,000 people a night. [NYDN] – TRD

  • Renter

    Ironic coming from a guy who rented out his own 3 bedroom 1 bathroom house for $5,000/month.

    • Guest

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  • native new yorker

    Robo-calls even reached 1 & 2 family homeowners in my SI neighborhood.

  • Tom Lai

    How can anyone trust a mayor who is always late for special events and meetings to makes his portion of the rent ontime? What happens when Governor Cuomo stop funding these programs? the landlords will be left holding the bag. I forgot to mention that DHS do not conduct background checks so the potential tenants can be sex offenders or felons. Totally not worth it!!!

    • Been there

      Exactly ! Instead of holding DHS accountable to assist without bias, they waste monies with a program that will be funded for a year . Then were back to zero.
      Not understanding why NYC did it look at Neworleans Homeless program 90% success rate .

  • cobblehillite

    we accepted a LINC tenant in October 2014 — have not seen the bonus yet…. typical nyc bureaucracy

  • Lordyuyu

    great way to avoid actually improving our housing crisis. how about you make it easier/less costly for people to increase the housing stock so that prices can fall to levels where these people can afford a home again.

    • Charles Dale


    • Been there


  • carter

    This is coming from a Mayor who is trying to push through a rent freeze, and now is is asking landlords to accept the homeless as tenants?
    Something like this was tried under the Bloomberg administration and landlords were stuck with 1000’s of tenants who couldn’t pay rent when the program was scrapped. You think this will be any different? How far is that $1000 bonus going to go after your legal fees?

  • BH

    Perhaps someone with a family of 10 should look elsewhere for suitable living conditions and actual affordable housing. NYC is not the place for you, it’s not 1920

    • Marc

      Ohio, Michigan, Northern Indiana………..Plenty of extremely cheap housing stock available. Just give them to the homeless. Let them have a chance to show initiative and pride by putting some sweat equity in them. Oh well, I’m probably kidding myself to think that!


    is the Mayor gonna rent his house out to Homeless people?

    • Been there

      Yes he should set the example.


    how can you trust this guy. His goal is to achieve the affordable housing by the end of his term. As long as he can keep those poor income people around to vote for him and the democratic party then it is complete

    • comment flagged

      yes, NYC was just about to turn Republican majority until the dastardly DeBlasio came and convinced all the poors to stay put and vote.

  • Lars

    In Allentown, PA, just an hour and a half by bus from NYC, a two bedroom apartments can be rented for $700/mo. Why should the homeless be houses in apartments that can rent for far more in NYC when there are so many other cheaper places nearby for them to live?

    Oh, wait. . . I get it . .It’s called Democrats buying votes!

    • Marc

      $1,000 will purchase a home in parts of the Midwest. Let them all go there. Tax dollars should not be spent housing people for free in expensive and very desirable real estate. Personally I don’t think the govt should be a dime for anyone to live anywhere but if it’s going to be done then buy up houses in the Midwest just like investors do.

      • comment flagged

        why don’t these homeless people just go buy investment properties in the Midwest already?!

        • Marc

          Because they are bums.

    • comment flagged

      is this an ad for Allentown? at what time are you commuting to Allentown to NYC in 1-1/2 hours? 4am?

  • Hiya

    I think there is room at Gracie Mansion and his house in Brooklyn. Let’s start there!!
    If he does this then every homeless person will be here!!

  • Been there

    This sounds like a broke work advantage or Linc 2,4,6,. So what happens when the subsidy run out ? Why not have a city version of WPA to build housing .
    DHS needs to take a look at New Orleans Homeless program and rate of success and copy it .
    Ths is a lite brite idea from a computer , this is not the solution or an effective answer.