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Possibility of criminal charges in East Village explosion

Officials say investigators are now fully engaged
March 29, 2015 03:00PM

Thursday’s explosion in the East Village could lead to criminal charges, according to New York City officials.

Investigators with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office are now fully engaged, as opposed to the standard procedure of “monitoring” the investigation, a law enforcement source told ABC News.

“They are on-site and they’ve been given instructions” regarding what information may be released by other city agencies, the source said.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office declined to comment.

Two city officials told ABC News that investigators are now pursuing reports from tenants that building management encouraged them to report gas problems to the landlord rather than Con Edison. [ABC News]Christopher Cameron

  • Perry


  • BH

    that corner property is a pretty prime development site. how do you know there wasn’t fishy business going on

    • return_of_no_permits

      because the explosion didn’t happen in the corner building.

      • BH

        This, i know

  • Bike Angel

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  • Char4Dew

    If that L/L told tenants to not call con ed. Thei cost of their legal battles will take them out of business.
    People would be wise to sue Con Ed too not only the Landlord.