RE companies get silly on April Fools’ Day

Check out Fundrise's crowdfunding opportunities on Mars and join WeWork's bathroom revolution

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Apr.April 01, 2015 05:30 PM

To celebrate April 1, real estate companies launched a slew of gags around the web lampooning just over-the-top tech ideas that were not actually so far-fetched. Check out our favorites below.

1. Fundrise’s Mars Colony Offering

The real estate crowdfunding company’s latest offering was out of this world – a shovel-ready mixed-use project in “Mars’ up-and-coming Red Hill Neighborhood.”

Billed as a Virgin Galactic development, the site says that Richard Branson “credits his good health and vibrant flowing locks to his frequent visits,” to the planet. Competitive advantages include a lack of competition. The exit strategy? A spaceship.

Ben Miller, co-founder and CEO of Fundrise, said that they took the opportunity to do something fun that a more traditional financial company may not be able to get away with.

The prank encouraged potential investors to joke back. One wrote, “”I’d like to invest $1,000,000 in Monopoly money along with the boot.”

2. WeWork’s WeWee

Not only do we, humble denizens of the world’s cities – work – we also wee. Such is the simple premise of WeWork’s newest industry-disrupting concept, which allows users to locate community bathrooms with an intuitively designed app.

“I never knew that you could disrupt the bathroom industry,” says a WeWork employee in the slick product launch video. “What WeWee does, is it merges technology and the custodial arts, which is completely new and innovative.”

There are social benefits, too! Chances are you have a lot in common with your fellow technologically progressive hand-washers.

3. Trulia’s ROOMer

Like a cross between Tinder and Yelp, Trulia’s ROOMer lets you scroll through potential roommates and read reviews by their former living buddies/enemies.

A sample review: “We’ve got Dishes – Oh, clean sink, how I miss you. Since Jeff moved in, it’s been nothing but pots, pans, plates, cups, coffee mugs, forks, plastic forks (is he seriously going to keep those?), spatulas, and more. Help!”

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