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Pommes Frites seeks to reopen post-explosion

The popular East Village fry shop is seeking donations
April 04, 2015 12:00PM

Pommes Frites, one of the businesses left homeless by last week’s explosion and fire in the East Village, is hunting for a new location to set up shop.

The owners of the beloved fry shop have said that they hope to reopen quickly, serving up their signature fries and sauces, according to Eater. To speed the process, they are asking for donations on their site and Facebook page:

“Asking for help is not easy for us. We have been inundated with requests as to how we can get our doors open once again. Our steadfast staff, some of who experienced the explosion, want to get back to work. Your contributions will be used to help us to rebuild and find a new home for Pommes Frites.$pommesfrites”

Although there’s no set goal, the Facebook update has nearly 500 likes and been shared nearly 100 times. [Eater]Christopher Cameron