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Trump “hurt” that he’s never met de Blasio

The Donald seems “perplexed by it”
April 04, 2015 11:00AM

Donald Trump isn’t getting the attention he’s used to from the mayor. It’s now been 15 months since Mayor Bill de Blasio took office, and Trump says that he has still never met him.

Trump was recently on Geraldo Rivera’s WABC radio show to discuss the recently opened – but long-stalled – municipal golf course at Ferry Point in the Bronx. During the interview, he revealed that he still hasn’t met de Blasio, according to the New York Post.

“Donald seemed perplexed by it, and not a little bit hurt,” Rivera said. “I offered to bring them together.”

However, Rivera added that bringing Trump and de Blasio together on his show isn’t likely as he hasn’t met the mayor either.

“He refuses to talk to me. We ask him every other week,” Rivera told the Post. “But if de Blasio did agree to come on the show, he’d be late anyway.”

When reached for further comment by the Post, Trump simply added that: “I’ve never met him [de Blasio] but I look forward to meeting him someday.” [NYP]Christopher Cameron