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Council bill would limit construction noise near schools

Opponents say the restriction is unreasonable
June 26, 2015 05:00PM

A bill being touted by some City Council members aims to keep construction noise down during school hours on projects that are in close proximity to classrooms.

The proposal would limit allowable noise from constructions sites within 75 feet of a public or private school to less than 45 decibels during school hours, the Wall Street Journal reported.

“The sound of jackhammers and cement trucks, the banging of rivets … is an undeniable impediment to learning,” said Council member Mark Levine, a co-sponsor of the bill. Levine believes that while some parents are vocal about protecting their children’s schools from construction noise, the law is needed for the benefit of schools with less proactive parents.

Donald Ranshte, senior vice president of the Building Trades Employers’ Association, said the bill would threaten to end construction near schools. “The requirement is almost in all situations unachievable,” he said. [WSJ] — Tess Hofmann