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Donald Trump to disclose financial statement by Thursday

Mogul promises that it'll be "far in excess of what anybody thought"
July 15, 2015 09:30AM

Presidential candidate Donald Trump is expected to release his personal financial disclosure form by Thursday. 

The Donald is promising that it will be “far in excess of what anybody thought,” Bloomberg reported. The Republican billionaire candidate called into MSNBC’s Morning Joe show to relay the news.

Earlier reports indicated that the Donald will declare about $9 billion assets. In 2013, The Real Deal analyzed what the mogul really owns.

Trump also said he’s looking to meet with fellow candidate, Texas Senator Ted Cruz. “I respect him,” he said of his right-wing rival.

Respect aside, Trump didn’t sound too enthusiastic about meeting the Texan.

“Ted Cruz called me. And I don’t know why I’m meeting him, to be honest, but I do have respect for him,” the mogul said on the morning show. Cruz supported Trump after some ill-fated remarks about Mexican immigrants, calling them “rapists.”

On Sunday, in response to the second prison escape of Mexico’s most notorious drug lord, El Chapo, Trump tweeted, “Mexico’s biggest drug lord escapes from jail. Unbelievable corruption and USA is paying the price. I told you so!”[Bloomberg] — Claire Moses