A Spanish artist’s vision for sustainable architecture is straight out of the future

August 02, 2015 11:00AM

Spanish artist and architect Dionisio Gonzàlez has a rare talent for combining childlike glee and creativity with incredibly sophisticated structural design. This allows him to dream up structures that simple when it comes to their shapes, but complex in their layers.

His latest series series, entitled “Trans-Actions,” focuses on sustainable architecture. “The unusual structures provide space for retreats, workplaces, mobile observatories, hydraulic structures and stationary zeppelins,” writes American Luxury.

The designs may be wildly different, but they have one thing in common: They all rest on pillars or other support edifices to minimize interference with the natural landscape, according to Design Boom.

Gonzàlez incorporated this element as part of his fascination of the dynamic between creation and destruction within the world’s natural cycle and today’s current times.

The architect shared some renderings from the series: