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Man of leisure, “forced” to stay in budget hotel like plebe, sues Hamptons rental owners

Elliot Levenglick wants $71,500 for staying at "crappy" budget hotel
August 03, 2015 11:45AM

You can’t always get the Hamptons vacation you want, and even if you try sometime, you might find all you get is a Comfort Inn hotel room.

Gallerist Elliot Levenglick filed a lawsuit against the owners of the “Glass Cube,” a two-story, floor-to-ceiling-windowed house on Clamshell Avenue in East Hampton, for canceling Levenglick’s $45,000-a-month booking at the last minute.

Owners Jamie Ostrow and David Fox, Levenglick claims, canceled his rental by email mere hours before his arrival. He ultimately had to settle for a $200-a-night room at the Comfort Inn, the New York Post reported.

According to Levenglick’s complaint, the pair told him they believed his planned art show at the property would violate city codes.

The Upper East Side gallery owner plans to represent himself in the suit. He’s seeking $71,500, which includes rent plus $20,000 extra for “damage to his reputation” as a sophisticated, cultured man.

Levenglick, 28, claims Ostrow and Fox demanded that he forfeit the rent and forgo his 30-day stay at the property, which was to begin July 2. They worked out a deal the next day, but tensions continued throughout Levenglick’s three-week stay, which ended with the owners locking him out. Levenglick calling the police, but ultimately gave up to return to Manhattan.  [NYP] – Ariel Stulberg