National Market Report: South Carolina’s sinking developments, Chicago’s “supertall” boom … and more

By Adam Warner | November 10, 2015 04:42PM

From the November issue: A slew of proposed high-rises could transform the Windy City’s skyline, much the way such towers are doing in New York. Chicago already has six “supertall” buildings, defined as over 984 feet, with the Willis Tower the tallest at 1,451 feet.

Two more are slated to soon join the list: Vista Tower, a three-tower hotel/condo project that would top out at 1,144 feet, and 1000 South Michigan Avenue, a proposed 1,030-foot condo tower. Three more over 800 feet are in the works, including a residential tower at the mixed-use Wolf Point project that would be 950 feet, just short of supertall. [more]