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City busts another 17 people for housing fraud scams

Just this year, 39 people have taken $1.4 million in illegal subsidies
December 05, 2015 11:18AM

This city just busted another 17 public housing fraudsters who managed to scam the government out of $1.4 million just this year.

In total, the latest round of arrests makes 39 people that the city has caught illegally collecting subsidies from the Section 8 housing program, according to the New York Post.

“These fraudsters engaged in the most reprehensible kind of conduct — stealing scarce housing resources from our most vulnerable citizens while at the same time lining their own pockets,” said Comptroller Scott Stringer.

Many of the fraudsters hid the presence and income of a family member to allow them to be eligible for subsidies. Others illegally rented out subsidized apartments to friends.

“This pernicious fraud undermines government’s efforts to ensure affordable housing for some of the most vulnerable in New York City,” said DOI Commissioner Mark Peters. [NYP] Christopher Cameron