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Man turns retired Boeing 727 into a unique dwelling: VIDEO

Bruce Campbell hopes more of us will adopt his lifestyle
December 13, 2015 12:49PM

“Jetliners are basically flying homes,” Bruce Campbell says of his house, which is crafted out of a retired Boeing 727.

Campbell seems to have most of the basics in his airplane: two lavatories, a primitive shower and a futon. Still, it’s a bit isolated )the airplane is located in a forest outside Portland, Ore.) and wouldn’t comfortably accommodate a family. Nevertheless, Campbell is an advocate.

“Jetliners retire at a rate of about three a day. For the most part, I think we shred them. And then, we spin around 180 degrees and make a home after having just shredded an aerospace-class home-sized structure,” he says. “If you were an extraterrestrial looking down on this behavior you’d wonder whether this species has all its marbles.”