Danny Davis on going from flat broke to top broker: VIDEO

Town Residential agent got his start doing hundreds of rental deals
By Katherine Clarke and Alistair Gardiner | December 22, 2015 04:31PM

Before he sold condominiums in Tribeca, Town Residential broker Danny Davis was a ramen-slurping hustler with barely a penny to his name.

The Cherry Hill, N.J.-born agent started out pounding the pavements — partly because he couldn’t afford cab rides — on rental deals straight out of college.

“Like most seniors, I had no idea was I was going to do with my life,” he told The Real Deal. “I was looking at Jobs On Wall Street and going to cattle calls for acting jobs when I ran into a girl from college who was doing real estate. She said, ‘you’ll make so much money.’”

Davis soon realized that he could leverage his real estate gig to fund his travel plans, squeezing in enough deals to take months off for backpacking trips.

Soon, he went from flat broke college student to the top rental agent at his old firm, Citi Habitats, earning seven figures each year.

Davis later transitioned to sales, doing deals with Danny Glover and Sting. His current listings include a $12.95 million penthouse at 415 Greenwich Street and a $9 million townhouse at 205 East 17th Street.

Video shot by Uldis Direns.