How Corcoran’s Scott Stewart went from waiting tables to working with Nicole Kidman: VIDEO

Broker made his bones during the dot-com boom
By Katherine Clarke and Alistair Gardiner | January 06, 2016 04:25PM

The quintessential struggling actor, Scott Stewart was waiting tables at a Manhattan restaurant when one of his regular customers mentioned he knew someone called Barbara Corcoran.

“After seven years in acting, the writing was on the wall that I wouldn’t get where I wanted to go,” he told The Real Deal. Though he had no Rolodex to speak off, Stewart hit the ground running thanks to a steady stream of yuppie rental clients the Corcoran Group referred to him.

“I got into the business during the dot-com boom,” he said. “There were 12 people for every apartment in New York. There were lines out every door at every open house. We had a lot of customers coming through so I really had this constant feed of technology kids with $100,000-a-year salaries. I was doing $3,500 deal after $3,500 deal – about 10 or 12 a month.”

Now, he does deals with the likes of Nicole Kidman and Alec Baldwin, and his listings include an $11.5 million pad at the Time Warner Center. Last year, he sold a five-story building at 14 East 63rd Street for $22.5 million to European buyers who want to convert it into a private mansion.

His secret? Working his butt off.

“As an actor, I was used to hitting the pavement and going to audition after audition,” he said. “I took that and brought it to my real estate career, working seven days a week. What I loved was that, even though I didn’t get a salary, I really had more control over my destiny.”

Video by Uldis Direns