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Arianna Huffington is having a sleepover at her Soho apartment

Naturally, it’s a partnership with Airbnb
April 10, 2016 05:00PM

Arianna Huffington and her Soho apartment

Arianna Huffington and her Soho apartment

Media guru and self-described “sleep evangelist” Arianna Huffington doesn’t think you are getting enough sleep. She even wrote a book about it, “The Sleep Revolution,” which comes out Tuesday.

Huffington is so serious about making sure that your 40 winks are all they can be that she wants to have you over for a “Night At Arianna’s Sleep Paradise.”

In June, Huffington is partnering with Airbnb and opening up her Soho apartment to one lucky snuggle buddy, according to the Airbnb listing. The winner will get a night in Huffington’s guest room, aka her “sleep sanctuary.”

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Here is the full post from the Airbnb listing:

“It’s not a Greek Temple, but it’s as close as I could come: my own private temple to sleep in the middle of the city that claims it never sleeps. The night will begin with a Greek dinner with all natural ingredients that will prepare you for sleep—and with special guests. And after sitting down for a sleep consultation with me, you’ll retire to my bedroom where you’ll find a canopy bed topped with luscious pillows and bedside tables overflowing with flowers, candles, and an old-fashioned analog alarm clock (no digital devices allowed in my bedroom…you can charge your smartphone etc. outside the room), and a little dream notebook with a pen that has a flashlight for you to write your dreams if you wake up in the middle of the night. And before you get into bed, I would highly recommend a hot bath with my favorite Epsom salts in my sunken bathtub (or, if you don’t like baths, a long shower to wash the day away).”

Sounds relaxing.

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Enter to win here. –Christopher Cameron