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Is this Brooklyn’s first tiny house?

A simple living enthusiast has built a 160-square-foot house in Crown Heights
April 17, 2016 02:00PM

Miko Mercer

Miko Mercer and her tiny house (via Mercer’s Instagram)

A lot of New Yorkers live in tiny apartments. Some do so by choice, even paying top dollar for the privilege. But one Crown Heights resident has brought the tiny house concept, more commonly seen in less dense areas, to Brooklyn.

Miko Mercer, 30, has built a 160-square-foot house within a large warehouse in Crown Heights. But in a city where single-story buildings are rare – much less suburban-style homes the size of shoebox – the house probably won’t last long in Brooklyn.

I present to you… a wrapped house #atinyhouseinbrooklyn

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Mercer told the New York Times that she will probably move the home, which is on a trailer, elsewhere – possibly upstate to a tiny house colony.

She estimates that her tiny house cost around $30,000 to build. So is this the start of the latest eco-centric fad in Brooklyn?

“In New York, if you want to buy, you have to couple off, unless you have an inheritance,” Mercer said. “This is a conceivable way to do it with a single income.”

Finishing siding touches #shingling #atinyhouseinbrooklyn

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[NYT] Christopher Cameron