Luxe Life from the Sept/Oct 2016 issue of Luxury Listings NYC

The best stuff your college student needs for…

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September 09, 2016 12:00 PM
  1. Watching This

    No space for a TV? No problem. The Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector can be hidden away easily, making it perfect for dorm rooms and apartments with limited space. Plus it’s portable, as the name says, so it can go places like friends’ dorms. $999; from   

  2. Sleeping Soundly 

    Hardworking brains need a chance to recharge with a good night’s sleep. Brooklinen’s Move-In bundle comes with everything needed to make the bed right, including plush pillows, 100 percent Egyptian cotton sheets and a choice of comforters. Prices start at $439; from

  3. A Caffeine Boost

    We all need a little help getting started in the morning. Enter Nespresso’s Inissia, a compact coffee pod machine. This model brews up fast and it comes in six colors to brighten up a dull dorm room (or sleek black). $149; from

  4. Feeling Steamy

    Taking a bag full of clothes home for Mom to iron every weekend is so unnecessary — especially when there’s LG’s clothes steamer on hand. The narrow unit dries gently, reduces wrinkles and keeps things smelling fresh. $1,999; from

  5. Taking Note

    Writing notes can be a drag, so let Livescribe’s Echo smartpen help out. It records everything one hears, says and writes, and syncs up to a laptop or computer, creating digitized and searchable notes. Handy. $199.95; from

  6. Listening Up 

    Sometimes your student just wants to listen to music, and sometimes she wants to drown out the sound of roommates and neighbors. Either way, this Bluetooth-controlled speaker, tucked away tidily in a lightbulb, will do the job. Plus, it lights the room. We call that a win-win. $239; from

  7. Having Your Back 

    A backpack isn’t just a means to carry books — at least this one isn’t. It can be configured with a wireless hard drive and an internal charging station good for at least two full phone charges. With luck, students will never need to worry about lost papers or dead batteries again. Prices start at $169; from

  8. Riding to Class 

    Getting around is one thing, but getting around on a bike that’s trackable and smartphone connected? That’s the bike you want. Plus, if these wheels do find themselves in the wrong hands, the company pledges to recover the bike in two weeks or it’ll give you a replacement. Prices start at $1,398; from

  9. Rise and Shine 

    Is your student sick of iPhone alarms? Maybe it’s time to convert him or her to the Beddi, dubbed an “intelligent clock.” It can be synced with Spotify, is app controllable, has a mood light, and provides morning weather reports. $99.99; from

  10. Brain Juice

    After a long night, some health-conscious students prefer fresh juice to a morning caffeine boost. The Hurom H-AA juicer is small and sleek, and its slow speed means its juice retains more vitamins. $439; from


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