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RE investor Steve Kogut lobs lawsuit against ex-girlfriend who accused him of raping her

He accuses her of being an escort
October 04, 2016 08:35AM

Steve Kogut

Steve Kogut

Investor Steve Kogut, accused of sexually assaulting his ex-girlfriend, is firing back with a lawsuit claiming the woman is an escort who swindled money from charity.

Kogut, head of Indigo Management in New Jersey, lobbed a lawsuit against the 35-year-old woman, claiming she repeatedly targeted high-net worth men to extort money from them, the New York Post reported. Kogut’s suit follows one filed by the ex-girlfriend last year, in which she accused the investor of raping and beating her. The lawsuit also alleges that while Kogut was abusing her, he said, “I want you to suffer like Hitler made people suffer.”

In his lawsuit, Kogut claims that the woman bragged about extorting money from another wealthy man — Michael Gabelli, son of Wall Street titan Mario Gabelli — through a false rape accusation. She also worked as an “escort” and continued to see other men while the two were dating, the lawsuit alleges. Kogut also accuses the woman of pocketing money from a charity that she claimed to have founded.

Kogut denies the woman’s allegations against him and is seeking unspecified damages for defamation and damage to his professional reputation.  [NYP]Kathryn Brenzel